We get it: most of these hairstyles are your go-to for a quick and easy style. However, wearing these styles often cause more harm to your hair than you may realize …

High Buns or Ponytails and Tight Braids

These might be the most frustrating to let go of, but styles that pull your hair tight over prolonged periods cause traction. This leads to hair loss by causing trauma to the follicles, which results in traction alopecia. We know this sounds serious, but traction alopecia can be reversible with treatment when identified in the early stages. However, permanent hair loss can occur if the traction is constant for an extended time.

Hats, Headbands, and Other Accessories

You might then guess that regularly wearing hats, headbands, etc. can also cause scalp friction. Hats do have the benefit of protecting your hair follicles and face from UV damage, so don’t toss them aside quite yet. We do suggest wearing them in moderation, though.

Tips On How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Again, the main course of action is to keep the tight styles to a minimum. A loose ponytail or braid and even a bun at the nape of your neck are gentle enough to encourage hair health. Going natural with your texture and style lessens the chance of permanent hair loss as well.

Feel like you might need a hair consultation to discuss a course of action? Our Vero Beach hair stylists would love to help guide you in maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.