Whether you are headed to the courthouse or will have a group of loved ones watching you walk down the aisle, we want you to feel absolutely gorgeous.

Our bridal expert Jean can design a look that will highlight the look and feel you have been dreaming of! Anything from boho curls and braids to classic updos can be beautifully achieved...


Move over blonde – red is THE color of summer 2022. Red hues across the spectrum will be on trend, but for today, we will highlight two variations that will give your look an instant boost if you decide to dive into this summer shade.

Strawberry Blonde

We hear you: you’re blonde and love to live with a lighter color for summer, so you don’t want anything too dark. This is where strawberry blonde comes in. You can...


Do you have naturally dry hair or need some extra TLC after a texture treatment? Perhaps you went blonde for 2022 after reading our last blog post? No matter the reason, many of us have hair that requires some intense nourishment. This is where L’Oreal Professionnel’s Source Essentielle Nourishing Mask comes in.



No two shades of blonde are the same, and blonde comes in a variety of iterations. From neutral blonde, honey blonde, caramel blonde, and other shades that don’t sound delicious but are also beautiful. Blondes can look white, yellow, warm, and rose gold and still manage to look different every time. Blonde is the most versatile hair color because it delivers different tones and textures.

While this may not be an exhaustive list, we will...


We get it: most of these hairstyles are your go-to for a quick and easy style. However, wearing these styles often cause more harm to your hair than you may realize …

High Buns or Ponytails and Tight Braids

These might be the most frustrating to let go of, but styles that pull your hair tight over prolonged periods cause traction. This leads to hair loss by causing trauma to the follicles, which results in...


Is your style inspiration’s hair blonde or brown? It’s most likely the hair color known as “bronde.”

The Perks: This versatile shade creates dimension and warmth in your hair color, and it’s not relegated to a specific season. Bronde is perfect all year round! Even better – it’s a low to medium maintenance look that provides less contrast between new growth and colored hair.

This looks favors warmer or neutral...


No matter your hair type or texture, metal levels in water will affect your hair – especially porous hair. This increases the risk of breakage and the metal particles react with active ingredients in both color and bleach products, which causes less reliable color results.

But we’ve got great news! After conducting seven years of research and working with stylists all over the world, L’Oreal Professionnel has developed...


Are you still sporting your long pandemic hair? Integrating long layers will add movement to your current length, help clean up your ends, and bonus – they are on-trend for winter 2021/2022. Long layers can be cut into any hair type, and they create shape while giving you different styling options.

For our clients with medium to dense hair, we can add layers first and then decide how much length to remove or keep. We know that adding...


Is your hair prone to static, limp, and lifeless? You can blame the cold, dry winter air. Although we may complain about the humidity in warmer months, it does keep hair full and voluminous. Fortunately, fixing the problem can be as easy as switching products.

Give Your Hair A Boost: If your hair is just limp, we have a few suggestions for you. Limpness is caused by overactive oil glands, which can weigh your hair...