Move over blonde – red is THE color of summer 2022. Red hues across the spectrum will be on trend, but for today, we will highlight two variations that will give your look an instant boost if you decide to dive into this summer shade.

Strawberry Blonde

We hear you: you’re blonde and love to live with a lighter color for summer, so you don’t want anything too dark. This is where strawberry blonde comes in. You can think of strawberry blonde as a quick rinse of copper across light hair, aka it’s not enough to saturate the strands completely but enough to tint your hair with a touch of warm red. A bonus for our blondes: it’s a quick and easy change when you integrate this shade via a glaze service. A glaze will add dimension and warmth but will rinse out in six to eight weeks.

Spiced Red

Ready to go full force red? We suggest a spiced red hair color that provides an intense and sultry look for the summer. Spiced red is unexpected in the season of lighter hues, and if you decide to take a chance with this shade, it truly is a showstopper. Even better – dark reds can also make your hair look exceptionally shiny!

Want to see if it’s actually redheads who have more fun? We would love to personalize the perfect shade for you! Call us today to schedule your professional hair color assessment at our Vero Beach hair salon.