Is your hair prone to static, limp, and lifeless? You can blame the cold, dry winter air. Although we may complain about the humidity in warmer months, it does keep hair full and voluminous. Fortunately, fixing the problem can be as easy as switching products.

Give Your Hair A Boost: If your hair is just limp, we have a few suggestions for you. Limpness is caused by overactive oil glands, which can weigh your hair down at the roots. For most people, limp hair is a year-round problem, but it may be more pronounced in the winter. This is because humidity is no longer making the rest of your hair fuller.

Here’s what to do: First, apply a L’Oréal Professionnel conditioner to the hair at ear length to the ends only. Second, use dry spray shampoo before you head out. This will help deliver volume to your roots.

Stop Static in Its Tracks: Because of the lack of moisture in the air, most hair types produce more static in winter. Treat yourself to a silk pillowcase! It’s not just a luxury item – silk pillowcases go a long way toward solving the static problem. If it’s still an issue, spray a small amount of hairspray on a natural-bristle brush and smooth the static from the roots to the ends. And unless you have very fine or limp hair, we suggest a deep-conditioning mask once a week. Our stylists can match you to the perfect L’Oréal Professionnel mask for your hair type, so it doesn’t feel weighed down.

Stylist Tip: Never put a hat on right after you blow dry your hair, because warm hair will take the shape of the hat. Also, the looser your hat is the less your hair will bend to the hat’s shape.