No matter your hair type or texture, metal levels in water will affect your hair – especially porous hair. This increases the risk of breakage and the metal particles react with active ingredients in both color and bleach products, which causes less reliable color results.

But we’ve got great news! After conducting seven years of research and working with stylists all over the world, L’Oreal Professionnel has developed Metal Detox: the first protocol to detoxify hair by neutralizing the metal deposits found inside the hair fiber.

L’Oreal Professionnel found that the solution was Glicoamine. This patented molecule is small enough to penetrate inside the hair fiber, target metals (even sparse amounts) and uses chelating properties to bond them.

During the month of October 2021, when you buy the Metal Detox Home Care products, you will receive the in-salon treatment free (a $50 value)! Stop by our Vero Beach salon to learn more about Metal Detox and enjoy hair with less breakage.